Launching Regional Regulatory Chemical Management Compliance Training


Specialists in International Law on Latin America and The Caribbean, S.C. – SILLAC is launching a series of training courses in Chemical Management Regulatory Compliance in Latin America and The Caribbean (LAC).  One of the introductory courses in the series is the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Classification, Labeling, and Packaging of Hazardous Chemicals, which is a prerequisite for other courses in the program. Another required course is Introduction to Chemical Management in the Latin American and The Caribbean.

The purpose of this training allows professionals in the manufacturing sector along with other chemical and toxicology experts, and international law professionals, among others, an opportunity to become acquainted with the LAC legal framework, particularly in the chemical industry.  The  International Labor Organization (ILO) indicates there is a shortage of trained professionals in the chemical industry:–en/index.htm

There are also many benefits associated with participation from SILLAC for students currently undertaking a legal career or anticipating a professional involvement in chemicals and manufacturing. However, individuals and companies alike can benefit from the training in that they will gain current regulatory knowledge of the field, which will make them highly competitive in today’s labor force.

SILLAC, as a true Latin American and Caribbean international law firm (i.e. the specialists who work with SILLAC focus on different areas of law and although they are all located throughout LAC, they belong to the SILLAC network. The SILLAC network allows each specialist associated to SILLAC to work as a partner in the firm. Each specialist is a highly trained legal expert with higher legal specialization in European and American Universities.

The majority of SILLAC experts speak one or more foreign languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Italian and Russian, providing students enrolled in the SILLAC Chemical Management Regulatory Compliance training with an excellent opportunity to be mentored by SILLAC experts while they grasp firsthand legal practice and training in the LAC regulatory process.

Throughout  2018 SILLAC has been preparing the launching of the coursework and will start with enrollment from September to December 2018. Coursework will involve webinars with presentations from distinguished experts in the field.

SILLAC is also very proud to announce that the coursework will include Safety Data Sheet authoring for those students and companies interested in learning this unique career opportunity.

SILLAC is anticipating a very busy year in 2019 and recommends that persons register early to ensure their placement in the preferred certification classes and jurisdictions since each class has a maximum allowance of 20 students per class.

To find out more about the program, please contact Registration at







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